Bubbles' Basement

1962 Enid Collins Owl Family 'Box' Purse - A wise buy!

Any woman would feel great carrying this gorgeous family of owls as portrayed on this world famous Enid Collins "Wise Guys" bag. Skillfully hand painted inside and out, it says "hand-painted for you!, the original Box Bag by Collins of Texas, copyright 1962, Enid Collins." The lovely Box Bag measures 6" high (not including handle), 11" wide and 3" deep. The clasp is leather and brass, the handle is black plastic and metal, and a stunning gold metal hinge runs length of bottom. The interior is in mint condition and the original mirror still intact! There's some light scratches on the wood but nothing beyond normal wear and tear. I wish I had thought to loan this 'wise bag' to Gloraine or Florence when they graduated.