Biography - Hector Leadwell, Musical Director

My dear friend, Hector Leadwell, serves as Musical Director of the Bubbles the artist wide world web art site. Hector is a charming and talented fellow who can play all styles of music, even those not invented yet. His stylings are very compatible with my work. Hector has invested some of his earnings from his Musical Director activities in my art and tells me that "having Bubbles hanging around" inspires him for future musical compositions. Hector would sit there all day playing the same composition over and over again to perfect his rhythms - "groovin' a few centimeters deeper" as he likes to say. But art is emotional and I think Hector is best spontaneous, as is evidenced when you hear his music.

Coming soon! "The Greatest Hits of Hector Leadwell" on CD and cassette. If you would like to put one on reserve, please press the "Buy Bubbles" button and I will have Aunt Peggy or Skippy stamp one out for you as soon as their tools arrive.