Biography - Aunt Peggy, Chairman of Animation

I am so lucky to have my dear friend, Aunt Peggy, hold the post of Chairman of Animation for the Bubbles the artist wide world web art site. Her work conveys the hand and eye(s) of an experienced artist and we are so lucky to have her.

Aunt Peggy often tells me, "Bubbles, your art is so moving. The canvas boards are almost alive." And indeed, when I paint I feel like I'm right back in the room living life with whoever I'm painting. So it is with great pleasure I tell you that Aunt Peggy took some courses and now possesses a great talent for curating "moving" art on the online. I am not exaggerating when I say she has done a marvelous job of animating my true feelings as experienced by me, Bubbles, when I first painted each of my subjects. I must warn you, however, that at times Aunt Peggy's own emotions overtake the reality of the situation and it is her own point of view that is represented on the online canvas board.

All Aunt Peggy asked me to tell you about herself is that she loves "moving" things, painting octopuses and her three adorable Bassett hounds (to match all three of her chins... Just kidding, Peg, you know I love you!)