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Click on any one of these lovely paintings to see a larger version of any one of these lovely paintings.

Sam Had A Big Board

Same Manager As The Fifth Dimension

Santa Was Especially Fond Of Bobby

Schnitzel, Nude

The Seas Were Calm The Day Albert decided To Drop In On Charlene And Ralph

The Seats On This Train Are So Wide!

She Loomed Large On His Mind

The Shulmans Got A
Great Bush For The Money

The Six Cutest Legs In Town

Skating with Nancye and Paul

Smothered Turkeys

Smothered Turkeys -

Someone Get A Chair For Grandma

The Sottos As They Approach The Millennium

Soul Impression

The Southside Bongo Club

Snack Bar

The Starlet And the Honey Wagon

The Steinberg Family - Pucci and Joe

Still Cute After All These Years

"Still Life" (appetizing fried egg and bacon)

Still Life - Delicious Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

"Still Life" (delicious hot fudge ice cream fudge cake)

Still Life - Liverwurst and Coke

Still Life -
Lovely Gefilte Fish and Garnish

Still Life - lovely peanut butter on celery canapes

The Stoddart Kids

Studies In Velvet 1

Studies In Velvet 2

Sunburnt In All The Wrong Places

Sunday Morning

Sven's All Natural Nip 'N Tuck

Sven Gets The Lumps Out

Sven Lifts Dumb Bells

Sven's 'On Your Toes' For Beginners

The Sweet Table

The Swinger
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