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The Beauty Jungle

Same Manager As The Fifth Dimension

Bunny On Bunny

Howie Zelnick Rhythm Guitar

Too Much Wah Wah

Soul Impression

Honey Thigh

Chocolate Wedding Cake

Smothered Turkeys

Multiplying Bunnies...4

Maurice and Diane Show Off The Twins

Languine And Her Beautiful Carving

Richard Pryor

Leonard The Bongo Machine

The Southside Bongo Club

No Minors Served

Family Snacks Inside

Iım Dreaming Of A Black Christmas

No Minors Served 18 inch serving platter

Liverwurst & Coke 11 inch dinner plate

Too Much Wah Wah 11 inch Dinner plate

Too Much Wah Wah 8 inch soup bowl

Too Much Wah Wah 7 inch salad plate

Too Much Wah Wah 13 inch salad bowl

Howie Zelnick 11 inch dinner plate

Howie Zelnick 13 inch salad bowl

Howie Zelnick 7 inch salad plate

Howie Zelnick 8 inch soup bowl

Mr. Wah Wah Goes Out 23x8 inch eliptical serving dish

The Young Mr. Wah 13 inch serving dish

The Leroy 8 inch soup bowl

Multiplying Bunnies...6

Multiplying Bunnies...5

Dwezzel Zappa Celebrates A Full And Charming Life

Studies In Velvet1&2

Maurice tile

Earth, Wind & Fire tile

Little Stevie Wonder tile