Please remember that Bubbles' paintings don't actually move and that this fancy function is not included in your purchase price.

A Nice Relaxing Day

Same Manager As The Fifth Dimension

The Six Cutest Legs In Town

Bob Was Very Excited To Catch A Trout Of That Size

Big Nate Loves To Barbeque On Sundays

Bobby & Elayne


Big Haired Graduate

I Look Better From The Back

Fluffing Up For Fred

Howie Zelnick -
Rhythm Guitar

John's Teeth Were Affected By His Trumpet Playing

Learning To Swim

Marilyn On The Rocks

Multiplying Bunnies 3

Peace Not Piece

Posing For Pictures Before They Hit The Buffet

Still Cute After All These Years

I Was Sunbathing When Frank Came Over Unannounced

Sunburnt In All The Wrong Places

The Bicycle

The Chair Kick

The Wig Wag

What Big Slopes

Babe Swings

They Go Boom Boom

Too Much Wah Wah

Yogi Barbara

She Loomed Large On His Mind

Arnelle and Jimmy John Show Off The Twins

still life-celery

Has Anyone Seen My Date?
 Bubbles the artist
Bubbles the artist
Big Red Fists
Big Red Fists

We All Looked So Good In The Black Light

Connie's Favorite Kisser
The Double Strut
The Double Strut


How To Be A Hit On Saturday Night

I Love Summer

Marble Wedding Cake

Sven's All Natural Nip 'N Tuck

Sven's 'On Your Toes' For Beginners

Tuna Club

Honey Thigh

Frank's Chest Hairs Glowed In The Light Of The Disco Ball

How Much Longer Is This Going To Take?

Snack Bar

The Steinberg Family

'Two For One' Seder Special

'Still Life' (appetizing fried egg and bacon)

"Still Life" (delicious hot fudge ice cream fudge cake)

Lily and Hector At The Prom

Newscasters Have Such Great Hair

I'm Taking The Kids To School Now

The Kagel