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Two For One Seder Special

Big Nate Loves To Barbeque On Sundays

Junes Favorite Chair

Ben Rose And Bernard Wait For The Prime Rib Special Underneathe Their Favorite V

Still Cute After All These Years

Dining In The Garden Of Eden

Posing For Pictures Before They Hit The Buffet

Still Life ...lovely peanut butter on celery canapes

Still Life ...Liverwurst And Coke

Brunch With Mr. Lamar Lewis

Brunch With Mr. Tex Ridder

Sven Gets The Lumps Out

A Beautiful Moment With Pickles

Aunt Peggy Sick In Bed With The Cats

Where Should I Put Your Cake


Sunday Morning

Smothered Turkeys

Still Life ...delicious hot fudge ice cream fudge cake

Still Life ...appetizing fried egg and bacon

The Boys Couldnt Take Their Eyes Off Of Their Big Baloney Sandwiches

Who Killed Andy Warhol?

Still Life ...Lovely Gefilte Fish and Garnish

Still Life ...Delicious Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

No Minors Served

Family Snacks Inside

The Sweet Table

Big Nate Loves To BBQ on Sundays 15 inch salad bowl

Who Killed Andy Warhol 8 inch soup bowl

Smothered Turkeys 18 inch serving platter

Liverwurst & Coke 11 inch dinner plate

Liverwurst & Coke 15 inch serving platter

Ben Rose & Bernard Wait For The Prime Rib Special 13 inch salad bowl

Any time is a good time for coffee or tea cup and saucer

Still Life- Bacon and Eggs 15 inch serving platter

Dwezzel Zappa Celebrates A Full And Charming Life

Teddy On The Towne