Bubbles The Artist’s
Famous Comedians Series

In 1999 I, Bubbles the artist, was commissioned by a discerning technical company whose mission it was to revolutionize comedy on the online to put my brush to canvas and render a series of top comedians to hang on their well-capitalized yet short-lived walls. I am happy to say that my paintings were all amazingly lifelike, but at the same time regret to report that my skills with digital photography at that nascent time in the camera’s development had not yet developed. Hence, these Kodak moments do not nearly capture the scintillating artistry I rendered upon these funny folk. Brushstrokes look flat -I pride myself on including dust, pet hairs, and anything else my brush might pick up in making the textures look more lifelike. Paint strokes which usually abound in my paintings because I incorporate aerobic arm exercises into their execution are barely visible. Therefore, I apologize to my famous subjects and to any who are still alive, although I continue on my 14+ years sabbatical in order to catch up on my reality television programs which nourish my soul and creativity so, I will respond to your requests to regale you via acrylic once again should you so request. For everyone else who is not portrayed here I hope you enjoy my Famous Comedian Series as if they were performing live in front of you now.