"The Wurmans" Family Dinnerware
16" serving platter and 11" dinner plates
Commission - not for sale


A personal letter from Bubbles the artist to the wonderful Wurman family:

Sans lovely parents, Gloria and Richard, I, Bubbles the artist, have never laid eyes on the actual flesh of any of the charming Wurman brood. Therefore, all of my interpretations are based on impressions I formed from the magnificent photo provided by the matriarch. I apologize in advance for any liberties taken that may offend the actual portraitees. I formed beautiful pictures of everyone in my mind and hope justice was served to all body parts. The task of portraying this many personages and pets on one plate or platter was excessively challenging, even for an artist of my stature, but I look forward to my new line of head-of-a-pin paintings, inspired by the work here.

I know my interpretations "drift" from plate to plate, but please understand the nature of glaze and the pains I take to treat each family member to three full coats (!), an extravagant measure which oftentimes forces features to mutate from the original stroke. A weight gain of 10 -15 pounds per person or pet from plate to plate is the nature of the ceramic beast. I pride myself on my grippingly realistic portraits and hope you can recognize at least some part of yourselves here.

I feel like I have gotten to know all of you and can give you my highest words of praise: You are a family that would look stunning as a turkey platter!

Sincerely, bubbles the artiste