Bubbles’ Press ‘n Parties Paté

Bubbles In the News!

I am pleased to announce that more than fish has been wrapped in newsprint lately – me, Bubbles the artist! Please enjoy a lovely liverwurst sandwich and nice frosty Coke while you read some nice things that highly paid journalists have said about me.


 Allee’s Birthday Party 2001

Bubbles’ First Auction 5/23/99

Bubbles Opens International Headquarters of Color Me Mine

Beautiful Birthday Party


P. S. There is a rumor circulating in the press that my agent, Ms. Allee Willis, and I are the same person. I would call it a vicious rumor were it not so complimentary, but I can assure you that I am not she and she is not me. Ms. Willis contacted me on the online a few months ago and asked to represent me. I was elated to learn that she discovered the famed “Del Rubio Triplets” – world class singers whom I have long admired – and I was eager to join the roster of fine talent she represents.