Party Paté!

On Sunday afternoon, May 23rd, I was the luckiest artist in the world to have a coming out party for the first 100 canvas boards I have ever offered for sale in the world. Thrown by my agent, Ms. Allee Willis, bon vivant of the arts, in her lovely Hollywood home, it was attended by many luminaries and other persons who found it in their hearts and pocketbooks to support me, Bubbles the artist. I was, unfortunately, detained due to matters of a somewhat personal nature and was forced to miss the delightful soiree. I am certain I would have danced with many of the guests and retired to the guest bathroom to begin painting their portraits.

Please enjoy a lovely stalk of celery stuffed with peanut butter and meet many of the lovely attendees and tour the many fine canvas boards displayed on clotheslines strung throughout the grounds. Murray tells me that as soon as he glues more of the video footage together sent to him by Ms. Willis, it will be webcast so Aunt Peggy and I can attend. She was so looking forward to the bus trip.