Bubbles The Artist

Dearest person who is reading this now:
Welcome to my wonderful wide world web art site!

The paintings and ceramics you see here have all been personally painted and glazed by me, Bubbles the artist. I used to sell these prized objects but now, as I have become a collaborator to with my mentor, Ms. Allee Willis, they are strictly here for your archival perusal. Many Bubbles connoisseurs have collected my art in the past like Ms. Lily Tomlin, who owns close to 30 of my works and shares many of the same paint strokes with the likes of Mr./Ms. RuPaul, who owns close to 20, and Ms. Tracey Ullman, who commissioned me to paint her likeness, as well as many other adorable folk too numerous to mention here. I hope you enjoy my art and special world as much as I did creating them. 

Your Bubbles