The ‘Bubbles the artist’ wide world web staff biographies

I, Bubbles the artist, have full command of my brush and canvas boards here on earth. But once my paintings enter the online, I must draw upon the skills of many wonderful folk to make my paintings come to life. There isn’t enough time in the day to express my gratitude to a truly phenomenal talent, that Renaissance woman, Aunt Peggy, who serves as our Chairman of Animation. I don’t have to tell you how this wide world web art site has been enhanced by the many musical moods of one, Hector Leadwell, our Musical Director. And kudos to our precious little assistant Skippy, who washes the brushes, gives the computers a good knock with a hammer when they need it, and cooks his delightful peanut butter treats to keep us all going. And a steam shovel full of gratitude to our spectacularly gifted Engineer of the online, Murray, without whom none of us would be here talking to you now.