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Click on any one of these lovely paintings to see a larger version of any one of these lovely paintings.

Teddy On The Towne

The Bicycle

The Chair Kick

The Circular Saw

The Wig-Wag

The Hard Driving Beat
of Ike Turner

The Ike and Tina
Turner Review

They Go Boom Boom

Think Thin

This Song Is Really So Sad

Too Much Wah Wah

Tra La…

… La La...

… La La

The Twins Were Shielded From
The Glare Of Life

The Vaughn Family - Katie and Tessye

Visiting Vermont

Tuna Club

'Two For One' Seder Special

Wading Beauties

We All Looked So Good In The Black Light

What Big Slopes

What Big Slopes

Where Do Parents Come From?

Where Should I Put Your Cake?

Who Has To Go More?

Who Killed Andy Warhol?

Winkleman's Summer Dress Sale -
Modeled By The Ladies Of Local 541

Yogi Barbara

Yolanda Ponders What Makes Men Tick

You Ain't Nothin' But A Pound Dog

Zoe's First Christmas
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