Bubbles the artist's
"The Essence Of Me 'N You" Paint-By-Number Kits
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A Beautiful Moment
With Pickles

Connie's Favorite Kisser

The Dashing Romeo Gets Down

The Delightful Fifi
Fluffs Up

Mrs. Schnitzel

Pug On A Pea

Schnitzel, Nude

A Hot Summer Day

The Business Of
Being A Sad Clown

What Toes

What Beautiful Lambs

Cocker Caucus

Oh My Deers

Pair O' Pussies

So Goes The Titanic

Decorated Vettes

Big Baaaaaddd
'Shut Yo Mouth' Vette

Wild Pussy

Joe Cocker

The Hard Driving Beat
of Ike Turner

Spoon In Vase Next To
Cigarette, Pot Plant
And Canapes