"Dweezil Zappa Celebrates A Full And Charming Life"

This realistically lifelike portrait of the very lovable Mr. Dweezil Zappa, his precious pets and prized vehicle was commissioned for his birthday by his gracious and talented chanteuse girlfriend, Miss Lisa Loeb, pictured chipping balls outside her paramour’s window. Many adoring fans have trouble spelling Mr. Zappa’s first name right, a fact I am told delights him, and so I was happy to accommodate his passion in spelling his name three different ways in this accurate acrylic portrayal. I was also elated to get the chance to paint the wonderfully talented Mr. Gary Coleman ,a star who shines bright in Mr. Zappa’s eyes. Mr. Zappa is a fine musician and I hope one day he will play a set with our own Maestro Hector and provide some musical accompaniment for my fine canvasboards.